Gégé full name Gerard, was born in France, near the French Alps.

His father, a big fan of the French accordion, he wanted his son to learn the game of accordion. Gégé quickly revealed his talent and at 15 he has already won at the contest Radio Grenoble "Geo Mondray".

He then served in the Army of the Alpine Corps, where he also played the game on a musical trumpet and has already played in both instruments, and also sings in the regimental choir.

After graduating from the National Conservatory of Grenoble, he participated and won a lot in various music festivals, television projects and competitions, such as: ORTF Channel "Chance to Song", Grenoble TV "Accordeon", ORTF " Varriete Anny Cordy ". Also collaborated with many French orchestras and music companies, worked in the troupe of well-known musical artists: Johanes Mercier (for 16 years), the Dany Chance orchestra, Tony Ray, Maurice Saltano's artistic agency, the first batch of akkomponement of famous singers: Eddy Mithell, Sacha Distel, Anny Cordy, Monty, Cristophe and others. And now Gege does a lot of grinds, as well as performing individual concerts.